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Sweet Water Tavern Merrifield

December 31st, 2006 · No Comments

Sidewinder Holiday Bock a big, rich, malty bock lager style beer…extended aging provides the full, robust flavor

Wild West Fest Lager assertive, pale, unfiltered…amber Octoberfest style lager

Great American Restaurants Pale Ale A BRONZE MEDAL WINNER AT THE GREAT AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL IN OCTOBER 2002!!! A fruity, copper colored ale with a firm maltiness & dry hop

Straight Shooter Stout smooth Irish-style ale with a dry roast finish…black

Snakebite Black & Tan a mix of our Great American Pale Ale & Straight Shooter Stout
Naked River Low Carb Light our lightest beer is a golden colored lager…smooth with an exceptionally clean finish

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