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Allagash and Russian River beer tasting and the Brickskeller

January 26th, 2007 · No Comments

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Lovefest Brickskeller beer tasting.

Rob Tod from Allagash Brewing and Vinnie Cilurzo were on hand to talk about the wonderful selection of beers they brought from with them for the tasting.

Brickskeller1 Rod on the left and Vinnie on the right
Brickskeller2 The Happy beer tasters
Brickskeller3 Vinnie
Both the Allagash and Russian River Breweries brought a wide selection of Belgian style beers. In total there were 11 samplings, 5 from each pub and a special JW Lee Vintage Harvest Ale from 1999 in a real cask.

Allagash Brewing Company brought

Tripel (9%)

Dubbel (7%)

Interlude (9 1/2%)

White (5%)

Curieux (11%)
Russian River Brewing Company brought

Damnation (7 -7 1/2% depending on if it is in a bottle)

Salvation (9%)

Diefication (7%)

Perdition (6.1%)

Temptation (7.25%)

Overall my favorites were the Allagash triple, a nice fruity beer, the taste comes from the yeast rather than adding any fruit. The Allagash Interlude which had a smooth tart taste. Finally the Russion River Temptation which has a lovely wine taste.

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