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Larry Bell Tasting at the Brickskeller

February 20th, 2007 · No Comments

Dave sent out the following email about the Larry Bell tasting.

Tickets for the March 7th and 8th
Larry Bell tasting are now on sale!
Larry is the founder of Michigan’s great Bell’s Brewing Company (formerly Kalamazoo Brewing) and an old pal of the Brick. Join us as we welcome the lad back to the scene of his underage drinking! Larry always brings GREAT beers to these events, as soon as the list is confirmed I’ll send out a list that I promise you my friends my dear, dear friends is a list of beers so fine so wonderful so overly tastified so posolutely slurperific it is guaranteed that’s right I said guaranteed to stun the converts and bewilder the uninitiated!
This is going to be an extremely popular event, don’t be a sadeyed little wipey cheeks at the door cause you waited too long to call for tix! Our casually disaffected doorpersons will politely turn their deafest ear to your pleas. Please please you and get your tickets SOON! Doors open at six, we never start at seven. (but we try! Honest! We DO!) Tickets for this event are $30.00 and can be had by calling 202-293-1885.
This event is at the BRICKSKELLER. Call the BRICKSKELLER for tickets PLEASE!!!!! 202-293-1885!

This is always an extremely popular event. If you have other people joining your table you must give us a name to hold the table under. We set the room according to reservations and cannot guarantee your group will be able to sit together if your friends don’t ask to be seated with the proper table. We will accept no cancellations within 24 hours of the event. We don’t want to turn someone away because sales indicated the house was sold out then have empty seats during the event! Help us out peeps!. hopppppss. . . hopppppssszzzzzz . . .you need hoppppsssszzzzzzzz . . . . . As always a tip’o’the bottlecap and a please stay safe to all my buddies all over the world from
BigPoppaHandPump /aka BeerGuyDave!

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