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Two events at the Brick

April 3rd, 2007 · No Comments

Notes from Dave at the Brick about two up coming events.

TWO events coming up, both are at the BRICKSKELLER

Children’s Hospital Benefit Tasting

Join the Tuppers as they taste their 15,000th beer. Bob and Ellie will share highlights as well as the most embarrassing moments of their 30 year quest for great beer. Several brewers are bringing beers so new or so rare that not even the Tuppers have tasted them.

Beers include:

Tiny Tim, a “quirky ale” from Brewers’ Art

A Dry-Hopped Maibock from Jason Oliver at Gordon Biersch Stinky

An exceptionally hoppy beer from Starr Hill’s Mark Thompson

A new beer from Bill Madden’s new brewing home at Vintage 50

Holy Sheet Belgian Abbey style ale from Clipper City’s Heavy Seas selection

A specially dry-hopped-in-cask firkin of Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Al

A sample of 1988 Thomas Hardy’s Ale from the Tuppers’ own cellar. (ThomasHardy is our top rated beer of all time.)

….and more

watch Tuppers webpage for more updates!

All attendees get a souvenir Tuppers’ glass 100% of the admission price will be donated to Children’s Hospital

TICKETS ARE $50 for this benefit event at the good old Brickskeller

Call 202-293-1885 for reservations.

We will try to start the evening as close to 7pm as possible, doors open at 6 for those wishing to order off the menu before the evening starts.

Bruce Williams of Scotlands famous Heather Ale Brewery will appear at the Brickskeller April 10 and 11! We’re doing a cool program as always! Bruce is one of our favorite guests, we like him so much we’ve even stopped asking him to stop lifting his skirt on stage!!!!!

Bruce always has a wonderful program for these events, this one is no exception!

The first half of the show will be a hop Quiz – guess the hop – multiple choice, good fun and it’ll get y’all all lubed up for the second half onslaught of fantastic ales from the land of the kilted gods….. floor show, powerpoint misappropriation and selected abusive remarks will more than likely abound. Guests are warned that swearing may dominate the punctuation towards the end of the evening, but he’s got a good brogue, most of hiswords you can’t understand anyway! As always, doors open at 6, we really do try to start at 7 honest! WE LOVE BRUCE!!!!!!! c’mon down and welcome him back to DC! Tickets for this event are $35.00 and can be had by calling the BRICKSKELLER at 202-293-1885

As always a tip’o’the bottlecap and a please stay safe to all my buddies all over the world from BigPoppaHandPump /aka BeerGuyDave!

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