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Mixing beers

November 3rd, 2007 · No Comments

The Chicago Tribune is running a piece about mixing beers. The first part of the story kind of grossed me out.

Since his experiments began, his spending on beer has doubled and, he admits, only half of his combinations are drinkable. “I’m learning that you don’t mix an ale with a lager,” Klem said. “I’ve learned that most flavored beers don’t mix well with others. I’ve learned that you only mix a few ounces of each.”

but they then go on to talk about Avery Brewing an Russian River Brewing combining two beers.

Two small breweries, Avery Brewing Co. in Colorado and Russian River Brewing of California, this year combined and bottled their Belgian-style ales that coincidentally were both named Salvation. The resulting beer, named Collaboration Not Litigation Ale, was recommended on beer Web sites, and the brewers had to make three times as much as they had expected because of demand.

I think I trust the brewers to do the mixing rather and me experimenting on what tastes good.

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